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Angels Among Us

There are times in life when we do things that are somewhat irresponsible. One Saturday morning, it was my turn. My husband and I had been on a horseback ride and I suggested that we race to the house. This wouldn’t have been

A Beautiful Start To My Day

I’d like to share a story of an experience I had this morning, not even ten minutes ago. Just a little background first. I am an artist. I specialize in drawing angels, in particular, baby angels. I have drawn all my life but

Guardian Angel in an Elevator

Yesterday as I was in an elevator in the Time Warner Building going from my gym to Whole Foods. A couple and I began to speak with each other. They asked me how I was, and although they were complete strangers to me

Angel in the Darkness

Since I was old enough to remember, my dad has been in the ministry and is still a pastor of a church in my hometown. When I was around ten years old my father had just been led to serve as a Associate/Youth Pastor at

Saving Hands

The rain has barely let up in the City of Makati (here in the Philippines). Hundreds of commuters were stranded and literally swarming along the highway. I felt as helpless as the person next to me. Buses were nowhere in sight and the

Kylie, The Miracle Baby

0n March 17, 2000 my daughter, Greta, gave birth to my grandson, Cameron. He was a beautiful baby and the apple of my eye and still is to this day. A year after his birth my daughter became pregnant but miscarried. Six months

The Little Angel

My true story happened last year. I am totally blind, and have been since I was a tiny baby. Yet God is so awesome to be letting me see angels! I dreamed that I saw a little angel, kind of like a cherub.

The Car Horn

My uncle, his wife wife and four children had just come from a grocery store to buy a few items needed for the dinner. Everybody hurried to play except my uncle’s wife who started to prepare the meal. Meanwhile my uncle went to

Angels Landing

“Be not forgetful to entertain strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unaware.” Hebrews 13:2 “Have you ever been to Murphy?” my daughter asked a few days ago when we were trying to decide on a weekend destination. Her sweet little 4-year- old

Signs From Mom

My mother passed away last August. The few weeks before her death she was in the hospital and she was suffering. The day she died I had went to my dad’s grave (he died when I was 5) and just sobbed to him.