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Miracle Baby

Alison Taylor I have always been spiritual, and knew that God was in my heart and soul. It was Christmas Eve. day, and my siblings and I were cleaning the house for our mother, as she was busy cooking and preparing for Christmas.I don’t recall

Sleep With the Angels

by Sueann Arens My mother was a very intelligent, fun and giving person.  I was just starting to realise all the things I missed out on with my mom because of the lifestyle I had.  I am 32 years old and never took

My Miracle from God

Submitted by Yvette When my husband and I had been married six months in 1993, we found I was pregnant with our first child. One particular day I attended church and felt kind of tired. After the service ended I decided to go

My Newborn Son Saved by God

by Alex Helm On October 1, 1995 my son was born into this world. From about six months previous we had dreams in which we met him and were guided to name him Aidan (fire, warmth of the home and spirit). This was

Experience of God’s Love

by Cathy Minnich On August 3, 2000, I awoke at 7:00 am with a heart problem. My husband rushed me to the emergency room at the hospital. As I lay there on the emergency room bed, I was a bit scared; I knew