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The Golden Cord

By Carrie When I was chosen to play an angel in the Sunday school break-up play I was so excited. The year was 1949 and I was six years old and living in Reservoir Victoria (Australia). I was one of several girls playing

Angel on the Highway

by K. Hernandez My husband and I were driving back to our home from my parents’ house just after midnight on Christmas Eve in 1995. We were, by my calculations, the only car on the highway for miles. Suddenly, our car started having

An Angel Like Dad

Note: This story is a “factional” story … based on something that happened to someone my mother knew many years ago. Some of the details are fictionalized. by Linda Van Fleet Life just isn’t fair, Jenny thought dispassionately as she stared unseeing at

Angel or Beggar?

by Teri Hughes “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” (Hebrews 13:2). We were traveling over in Medford for one of my son’s games, and afterwards we were on our way to a restaurant called the Apple

The Healing Touch

by Oguzhan Catal I’m a deep believer in my faith of Islam and I know that Christianity and Islam are so closely related to one another. Because of my deep faith I seek refuge with God when I’m in despair or need mental

The Thorn Bush Angel

By Carrie It was quite a cold winter in Canberra (Australia) in 1965. It even snowed, a rare occurrence. So when I felt an urging to go outside and get some coal for the fire, I resisted it. Until the urging came again

Miracle at Wal-Mart

© 2004 Joan Wester Anderson Last week Wal-Marts held their after-Thanksgiving sales around the country, and Ruby Whitehurst wouldn’t have dreamed of missing hers. “I work with a young, single, wonderful mother who I will call Jessie,” Ruby says. “Jessie is from Puerto

Searching For God

by Amrik Mahi Some years ago I was working in London and was demoted twice in the space of eighteen months. On the first occasion I went to the Sikh Temple, my religion at the time, and dutifully prayed everyday for almost twelve

The Christmas Kid

Christine Mulcauer’s postal service shift ended about three a.m. on Christmas Eve morning and despite the freezing cold, she decided to stop at the all-night grocery store on her way home to buy ingredients for Christmas cookies. “My family calls me ‘The Christmas

Angel at Airth Castle

By Carrie In May this year (2004) my husband and I were traveling by tour bus around the U.K. As we were driving to our overnight hotel stay at Airth Castle Hotel, near Falkirk, Scotland, the bus slowed down because there was traffic