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The Miracle of Sarah

by Pam Cross I am writing about a miracle that happened several years ago. It was such a powerful miracle DayStar Television made a reenactment of the story. The day after my daughter came out of the hospital, I sensed the Lord saying

Michelle’s Miracle

Whose Report Shall You Believe? by Linda Van Fleet “Mom, I have ovarian cancer. I’m going to die!” The person on the other end of the phone was incoherent; sobbing brokenly as the words squeaked out in a high pitched mournful, wailing screech.

The Rainbow

By Lynne Richardson My daughter, Christy, was a Special Education teacher for a small, rural school district in East Texas. Besides teaching, she is the mother of three beautiful children. Ailish, age eight, attends the same school where Christy teaches; three-year-old Ian and

The Night Two Angels Met

by Tamra Thomas It was the week after Christmas and my husband Brad and I were driving through Oklahoma on our way back from visiting my family in Missouri. It was a cold wintry night with blustery wind, snow and icy roads. To

The Face of a Miracle

by Linda S. Van Fleet “Why can’t I have a baby, Gramma?” Michelle asked her grandmother with tears streaming down her face. Her cousin was having her fourth child and Michelle was childless though she had tried for ten years to get pregnant.

The Angel in my Life

By Mike Dowdy Some might say that an angel raised me although to most she was simply my maternal grandmother. My mom died eight days before my second birthday, when she was just twenty-eight years old. My dad died before I was nine.

I know Who Holds Tomorrow

I just returned from New Jersey. While enroute there I was stuck in traffic on Interstate 81, just below the Virginia State line, (Bristol, Tennessee), due to a traffic accident with a fatality involved. This accident involved a tanker truck hauling a hazardous

Good Samaritans and Angels

by Melissa Ferguson (This story was written about in the Miami News Reader April 8, 1997) In April of 1997 my son Bradley, who would turn five years old in May, was once again under my feet and causing mischief. Trying to get

God’s Lessons

by Simon Mee Just as a parent will often let a child learn from their mistakes the hard way, such is the way that God will also work. I work about two hours away from my home, and at least twice weekly I

Ten Finger Prayer

by Linda Van Fleet My mother was a woman of strong faith that started as a tender plant when she was a young child and grew stronger each passing year. I loved to listen to her stories of how God intervened in their