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Angel in the Darkness

Since I was old enough to remember, my dad has been in the ministry and is still a pastor of a church in my hometown. When I was around ten years old my father had just been led to serve as a Associate/Youth Pastor at

Saving Hands

The rain has barely let up in the City of Makati (here in the Philippines). Hundreds of commuters were stranded and literally swarming along the highway. I felt as helpless as the person next to me. Buses were nowhere in sight and the

The Little Angel

My true story happened last year. I am totally blind, and have been since I was a tiny baby. Yet God is so awesome to be letting me see angels! I dreamed that I saw a little angel, kind of like a cherub.

The Car Horn

My uncle, his wife wife and four children had just come from a grocery store to buy a few items needed for the dinner. Everybody hurried to play except my uncle’s wife who started to prepare the meal. Meanwhile my uncle went to

Do Not Be Afraid

On the morning of March 31st 1987, around 3:00 am, as I slept alone in my apartment, I was aroused by three very gentle tugs of my bed covers, by the foot area of the bed. I had my bed covers up around

Who He Says He Is

My son Rick was murdered some time ago and as a mother it was difficult to leave California and move to Texas after retiring. I used to visit his grave all the time. My other son decided to stay in California. In Texas

Amee’s Angel

This story is possibly fictional but is still a great inspiration — a “modern day” parable that restores one’s faith in God’s love. There was still a steady rain when Amee trudged into the shelter at the bus stop that evening. Sitting heavily

We Are Not Alone

About ten years ago, I was very lost in life. Many stressful things were going on in my life and I needed some guidance. I went to my public library to view different kinds of books. A woman who was speaking to another

God Knew What Was Needed

I have been married to a wonderful, hardworking man for twenty years. We have raised seven children together, his, mine and ours. He has worked hard everyday to support this family; sometimes working two jobs. A few years ago he was diagnosed with

Meghan’s Angel

A hallucination? A dream? Her guardian angel? Meg doesn’t know for sure but she does know a big shining man rescued her from “the monster” when she was just five years old. Her life threatened by a man who lived with them, Meg