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Did Angels Help This Young Boy?

It’s a mystery to some why young children and animals can see into the realm of the spirit world while adults cannot. I believe it is because young children aren’t jaded. There’s no skepticism; just open belief and trust. In fact, as we


In April 2014, I had a major surgery, a hysterectomy. The day after the operation the catheters were removed, and the nurse told me I had to get out of bed and walk a little. I felt exhausted, and every movement caused me

The Angel Over the Right Shoulder

Following is a fictional story written by Elizabeth Wooster Stuart Phelps in 1852. Enjoy! “There! a woman’s work is never done,” said Mrs. James; “I thought, for once, I was through; but just look at that lamp, now! it will not burn, and

Protected: Angels, Demons and a Teenage Girl

Although fictional, this book may change your life. What does a sixteen-year-old, red-haired girl named Lucy, an angel called Bartle, the FBI and demons have in common? In this riveting story, they are tied together with an intriguing plot that involves kidnapping, murder, and fast-paced action, as demons scheme to keep Lucy from realizing her

Angels were with me

I was coming home one day from visiting  my mom in the nursing home, my mind thinking of her and how she will never be able  come home again.  As I came upon the road I was to bear to the right on,

We are not without His protection

I believe!  As I laid helplessly on a hospital gurney in July of 1989 I watched as my guardian angel stood over my body and protected me from being taken away. His exact words were “He is not ready yet”. I was laying

God Protected My Unborn Baby

Before I even knew I was pregnant, an angel visited me one night.  Almost asleep, I laid in bed preparing to rest up for another day.  As I became more and more drowsy, I felt a presence appear in the room just outside

The Angel By My Bedroom Door

In the mid 1970s I was about five years old and was looking at books of Dick and Jane in my bedroom on my bed when my angel encounter occurred. I have always been fascinated by angels. As a child my mother often

A Stern Angel

Parents are often forced to correct their child that is doing something foolish or dangerous with a stern and commanding voice of “GET OVER HERE NOW!” to keep their child safe.  In my incident it was an Angel commanding me like a stern