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Invisible by Christy Paige Her eyes sing brightly from behind her humble frame The dirty hands emitting a light Only seen by the purest of eyes. His pace is slow; he ambles along He drinks in the darkness and prays silently For who


ANGELS by Donna Spangenberg Sometimes the Lord sends Angels To walk upon this earth. The forms they take are varied, From the moment of their birth. He sent them here to teach us, In so many different ways, The reason why we’re living,

Holy Ones

Holy Ones By Matthew James Kovich Blessed are the holy ones, the men who live on high; they are the messengers of God, True devotees of Christ. Whether lowly angel class, or archangels they be; or up the nine-stepped stairway known as Heavens

I Once Knew an Angel

I ONCE KNEW AN ANGEL Brandi Brimer I once knew an angel who could not stay I once knew an angel who had to go away I once knew an angel who loved to smile I once knew an angel who only stayed

Angels Among Us

Angels Among Us by Joyce Scheel There are always angels among us. There are angels when the children get on the bus, There are angels when you get in a car accident, There are angels when your daughter pays her first rent. There

Just My Dream

Just My Dream Sent from Vanessa Walker Looking through the looking glass At the tranquil moments pass Caressing the thoughts of peaceful places Rippling waters, eluring sunsets, familar faces. Keeping all the beauty in my mind Where thoughts are kept and more to

Inner Peace

Inner Peace by Colleen Garber Help me God to see the way the way to a better place, With guardian angels and calming spirits I feel your warmth upon my face. I reach my hand out to you For you are always there,

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel By: Sarah Bell on February 27,1998 Nana Mac, I know you are there, watching over me, in the thin air. I can feel you, around me, surroundingme with love, but you,I can barley see. You gracefully float by, with only your

Angel Therapy

Angel Therapy by Nancy Sue Meyer © 1-18-1998 Years have gone by, I’ve carried stress on my shoulders. What a shell, I’ve made over me. A whispering voice by my side, said, break that shell, that is over thee. Hand your troubles over to