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Christ Love

Christ Love by Shirley Smothers Heart beats young Heart beats old, A love of Christ Your heart beats bold.   Be ye rich Be ye poor, A love of Christ You’ll have so much more.   The rain falls On just and unjust.

Is There More In Life

IS THERE MORE IN LIFE by Naomi Jean StoneWhenever you feel and blue and sad About things you fail to do Have you asked, is there more in life Yes, there’s a better way for you Have you felt lonely at times I’m

The Lord Sent You

The Lord Sent You By: Thomas K. Burgess The Lord sent you By my way I was feeling down He sent you to brighten my day The Lord sent you I know it was He He sent you here especially for me. The

My Angel

My Angel By Rebecca Berry Looking deep into your beautiful eyes, I see something, it takes me by surprise. Sparkling like a glass of wine, I find your eyes  looking right at mine. I’m shocked,but I don’t look away, And I’m hoping like

Someday I’ll Know

Someday I’ll Know by:  Cora Eelman They come and go, more quickly than I’d really like, you know. Sometimes I know their names, But mostly, when I’d least expect, they go. Sometimes they hug me tight, silent, but so loving as I cry,

His Hand

His Hand by Jim Roberts From the top of the mountains, To the depths of the Sea, The works of your hand Lord, Is there for all to see. You’ve created all that’s before us, All that’s come to be. Lord I know

Angels Watching Over Me

Angels Watching Over Me (Traditional) Now I lay me down to sleep, Angels watching over me my Lord Pray the Lord my soul to keep Angels watching over me. All night, all day Angels watching over me, my Lord. All night, all day.

All Through The Night

All Through The Night Traditional Sleep, my child and peace attend thee, All Through the Night. Guardian angels God will send Thee All Through the night. Soft the drowsy hours are creeping Hill and vale in slumber sleeping; God His loving vigil keeping


Invisible by Christy Paige Her eyes sing brightly from behind her humble frame The dirty hands emitting a light Only seen by the purest of eyes. His pace is slow; he ambles along He drinks in the darkness and prays silently For who


ANGELS by Donna Spangenberg Sometimes the Lord sends Angels To walk upon this earth. The forms they take are varied, From the moment of their birth. He sent them here to teach us, In so many different ways, The reason why we’re living,