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I look to the heavens,Far beyond the sky,I raise up my arms,I then shout WHY…..?I try my best,I work real hard,Why do you endeavourTo break my heart?I drop down on my knees,I burst into tears,Why do I have so many fears?I call out

Guardian Angel by Iain Baines

I am your guardian angel, I am your friend,Each time you sorrow,Your heart I shall mend,Be not afraid,Of what is to come,I will always be with you,Through hardship and fun,Forever we are connected,For always, we truly are,I am your protector,You are my star,Never

Flying Along

Flying Along by: Anna Koleno My Beautiful angel As sweet as can be Lets me know That I am flying along with you I feel your hugs I feel your touch I feel the air under my feet Letting me fly Lets me

Heavenly Helpers

Beautiful and loving do the angels fly. They rejoice when we smile and comfort us when we cry. Bells remind me when they ring, that they say another angel is getting their wings. God has sent us his love and light, by his 

Light in the dark

by A de Bruin Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you.. Not a moment to think what if … What if it was me and not you? I know i see you most every where in places, rooms and

The Lord Sent An Angel

The Lord Sent An Angel   The Lord sent an angel To watch over you To love and protect Everything that you do   And now that you’ve mastered His plan here on earth The Lord’s called his angel To bring you new

Self reflection

I took a look down deep inside and found the things I’d tried to hide; some greed, some old hypocrisy; some selfishness still left in me I cried “Oh Lord, please, please forgive and show me daily how to live;” The Lord, my

Jesus my Light

Jesus My Light Jesus, you are my light A flame in me You do ignite; You give me hope and fulfill my dreams; when I’m down You pick me up off the ground; Your kindness and love Sent from above; The angels smile

My Angel

by Colleen Garber My sweet and beautiful angel You guide me through each day, You have a way of shining in your own spiritual way. Your hair are locks of red, so long and ever flowing, Your face is pure and peaceful and