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Bedside Angel

by Mikey Broaddus

I think in our busy everyday life God sometimes brings back memories of passed blessings and help we so easily forget.  As I came across your website it brought back what, to me, could not be explained as anything more than a distinct angel sent by God to look over me.

In 1974 in  Xenia, Ohio my wife and oldest son survived a Level 5 tornado by hanging on a tree. I know we survrvived the tornado by God’s hand.  When we were taken to the hospital my son and wife were wisked away from the ambulance for immediate care. They took me in another direction.  As I was laying on a Gurney in a hallway waiting for treatment for a serious head injury, a young lady sat beside me beside me,  comforting me.  She did not say a lot but I remember that I felt such a reassuring peace by her presence. The only thing I remember about her was that she told me her name was Monica and and that everything would be alright.

I was under the impression that Monica was a caregiver in the hospital. A few days later as I begin to improve from the injuries, I asked a nurse if she could get “Monica” to stop by to visit with me as I wanted to express my thanks for her care.  The Nurse returned once again and said there was no one that worked at the hospital by that name! To this very day I believe “Monica” was an Angel sent by My heavenly Father.

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