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An Angel’s visit!

My mother was a loving and dedicated mother who loved her children, step-children and grandchildren.  There was never a day that went by that she didn’t tell me how much she loved and adored me.  She loved and nurtured her children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews and even children of strangers. My mother passed away in August of 1993, when I was three months pregnant with my second child, Amy, whom she never got the pleasure of meeting.  My son, Robbie, she adored and he adored her.  He called her mom-mom.

When my daughter was approximately 2-2 1/2 years old I was pushing her in her swing outside.  A butterfly came by and Amy looked at me and smiled and said, “Look Mommy; it has wings just like mom-mom!”

I stopped the swing and picked her up and asked, “Amy, have you seen mom-mom?”

She said “Yes”.

I asked where and she said, She comes to see me in my room sometimes.”

It just made me smile. I knew if there was a way for her to come and see her granddaughter she definitely would.

I believe that my mother is a guardian angel of my children and keeps them safe.

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