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An Angel With Ronnie

DO I BELIEVE IN ANGELS? MOST CERTAINLY. In June 2000 my husband, Ronnie, was transported to the hospital for a prior lung condition. When being examined by the ER doctor he felt a lump in Ronnie’s chest. Ronnie and I had been aware of the lump for a period of time but never really became concerned. The doctor immediately ordered a mammogram and other test, almost being sure that the outlook was not good.

Ronnie continued an eight year and one month battle from breast cancer. We both went through many trying times and both wanted to give in so much but he never gave up. The last morning of Ronnie’s life, July 25 2008 he had needed to be cleaned up. You must understand during the last few months of his life he was bedridden, partially blind, in diapers, baby food was all he could swallow, drank from a child’s sip cup.  He had no strength and was pretty much in and out of consciousness.

I looked at him and told him I was going to have to get the lift and move him out on the porch to his swing while I freshened his bed. He wasn’t very happy, moving him just the least bit made the cancer which had spread to his bones very painful. So after I explained we would get him up and freshen things up then let him lay back down he was okay. I went to the front porch to get my son and the neighbor who had came down to visit to help me with Ronnie.

As we walked over to the bed I looked at Ronnie and he had his arms folded on his chest and was looking at me with the most beautiful smile i had seen on him in years. He looked so peaceful and seemed pain-free. I said, “Honey why are you looking at me like that?”

Within 5 minutes my beloved husband of 34 years had started his new journey. I believe the angels came for Ronnie and were standing by his bed and that last beautiful smile was to let me know he was finally pain-free. There’s no other answer for the look on his face. Ronnie had gone through so much and he would always pray that when the end came the angels would lift him up and there would be no struggle to hurt him or my son and i.

How peaceful it was to see the angels just lift him.



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