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An Angel of God showed me the way

I am Vijayakumar Anand. I am not a native English speaker so please bear with me. I am a born Christian. I had experienced God’s love in my life so many times. But i do not usually talk much about it. But this recent event in my life made me bear testimony to whoever I meet.

I am an Indian. I have come to Japan for doing my research work. In Japan it is very difficult to live if you do not speak Japanese. I did not do any Japanese language course and so I am unable to speak Japanese language. My schedule in my lab is very tight and so I did not find time to learn.

One fine day I need to travel to a place which is very far away from my dormitory. I know it is very difficult for me. I always have difficulty in finding places. Getting lost in Japan is not unusual for me. I got lost many times but those are places near my dormitory. So I managed to come back to my dormitory.

The night before my travel I prayed to God. I prayed for guidance. As I had expected I lost my way and got stuck in one of the largest railway stations of Japan. I did not know where to go. I was standing with lot of fear and confusion.

I was in a tunnel and I was facing the left hand side of the tunnel and then I turned to my right hand side. When I again turned to the left hand side, I saw a old man (looked like a mad man), with an unusual dress and dragging his two Umbrellas. Those two Umbrellas were somehow tied to his costumes.

I was, in fact, scared to see him as I have heard stories of crazy men in Japan. So I tried to stay away from him. But he came to me and asked me ‘where do you want to go?’ I was shocked. He spoke in English very clearly. I have never heard such an accent from a Japanese man before.

He told me you are from India right. He was talking about famous things in India very aloud. I felt somewhat uncomfortable. My mind was also very much confused. He was gently patting me on my back. He said many times to eat well and sleep well. (To be frank I did not eat or sleep well the past week as I had a hectic week in my lab).

He took me to the ticket counter. He showed me which station to choose. I did so. I got my ticket. I bowed to him saying ‘Domo arigato gozaimasu’ which means ‘Thank you very much’. He seemed not interested to hear that. My train arrived and I got in.  He turned and left.

Until I got in my train I was in some kind of shock or confusion. After I got in the train I started to think what all happened. God sent his angel to guide my way. My eyes were filled with tears.

I called my mom and told her about this miracle. I was sharing this with all who I had met after this event.

We often forget the truth. We are all surrounded my God’s messengers. God is watching over us. He watches our steps. He leads us. He neither leaves us or forsakes us. I love my God and will serve him with diligence all the days of my life.

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